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Anti-Cellulite & Fat Burner
with Radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency therapy against cellulite and as a fat burner

More and more people are turning to gentle techniques to combat small imperfections in their own appearance. Modern precision therapy is increasingly overtaking invasive procedures, particularly when it comes to treating cellulite and reducing unwanted fat deposits. Several benefits of radiofrequency therapy are combined at once.

Causes of cellulite

Understanding the physiological causes of cellulite is necessary before we can understand how radiofrequency therapy combats cellulite. Fat cells that are no longer held together by the network of connective tissue are the cause of cellulite, which manifests itself in unsightly dents, particularly on the stomach, upper arms, thighs and buttocks. This is made worse by the buildup of lymphatic fluid.

Female connective tissue is clearly at a disadvantage

Unfortunately, genetic predisposition makes women more susceptible to developing cellulite than men. Women’s connective tissue fibers are arranged more parallel than men’s, which makes it easier for fat cells to “migrate” and accumulate in subcutaneous fat. Cellulite can be positively influenced by exercise, a healthy diet and weight control, but these effects are limited by two factors:

Genetic predisposition and aging processes

Unfortunately, even the healthiest lifestyle cannot prevent the development of cellulite. On the one hand, the specific expression of cellulite depends heavily on individual genetic inheritance. On the other hand, with increasing age, the connective tissue becomes weaker, which further promotes the development of cellulite. And because of its unique mode of action, radiofrequency therapy can be very effective in treating cellulite in this situation.

The combination of radiofrequency therapy and endermology

At Venus&Apoll we use combined endermological therapy in combination with radiofrequency therapy to combat cellulite at both the symptomatic and root levels.
The electromagnetic waves of radio frequencies heat the subcutaneous tissue, which promotes the regeneration of the connective tissue fibers. Increased collagen production supports the strengthening of connective tissue and is therefore causally linked to the reduction of cellulite. In addition, the heating of the subcutaneous cells causes an immediate tightening effect, giving the skin a noticeably youthful glow.

At the symptomatic level, the endermological treatment head of the radio frequency system has a particularly strong effect. During the treatment, the tissue is deeply mobilized with two mechanical rollers and an individually adjustable suction force, which leads to local lymphatic drainage. This effectively reduces the amount of cellulite. Through the long-term strengthening of the connective tissue, the affected parts of the body become firmer overall.

The affected parts of the body are firmer overall, and the connective tissue is strengthened over the long term.

Radiofrequency therapy treatment zones

Theoretically, this treatment can be applied to all areas of cellulite, such as:

  • Upper arms

  • Tigh

  • Belly

  • Buttstock

Excellent results are also possible for stretch marks.

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Frequency of application

To achieve a good result, 4-6 treatments spaced 1-4 weeks apart are usually required. There are no functional restrictions caused by the treatment. Apart from a short-term local reddening of the skin, no negative effects are to be expected.

Course of treatment

We determine your individual goals and the necessary therapy steps after detailed information and advice. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard. Each therapy session takes approximately 30 minutes. At Venus&Apoll Eisenach, a high-performance radio frequency system of the latest generation with endermological treatment heads is used. Of course, every employee at Venus&Apoll in Eisenach has NISV certification. The success of treatment should usually last at least 12 to 16 months.

Prices - Body Fatburner

Radiofrequency therapy
  • per area 99€ €

Radiofrequency therapy as a fat burner

The same mechanisms of action used in anti-cellulite therapy can be applied to body contouring and fat burning. Men who want to lose weight and get rid of small pockets of fat quickly will of course also find this use interesting.
Because body contouring is not always satisfactory, regardless of weight loss or normal weight. Especially after pregnancy or after the age of 30. Over time, in addition to sagging skin, small pockets of fat often remain. In contrast, radio frequency therapy in Eisenach is particularly suitable. Water can be mobilized and drained from the body at the same time if this is done while massaging this area. This will sustainably strengthen the strength and improve the silhouette of your body. This in turn has a positive effect on self-confidence.
For this reason, radiofrequency therapy is often used as a bikini body enhancer or as a date saver for special occasions.

This is how radio frequency therapy works

Radiofrequency therapy uses high-frequency devices that emit focused electromagnetic waves to affect tissue. In doing so, they generate heat of at least 42 degrees Celsius, which acts on the collagen fibers and leads to the breaking of hydrogen bonds. Collagen production is strongly stimulated and compressed, which tightens and revitalizes the skin. The dermis between the upper and lower skin is where the effect takes place. The skin surface is not physically damaged. Radiofrequency therapy produces an immediate tightening effect on the skin, which is due to the heat-induced shrinkage of collagen fibers.
The gentleness and painlessness of radiofrequency therapy are two major advantages. This means that the method can be used multiple times without any problems. After the treatment you can go about your work and leisure time as usual. The effectiveness and long-lasting effect of the application are the decisive advantages of this method.

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