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Venus & Apoll

Our Philosophy

Venus & Apoll’s ethos is deeply rooted in the harmony of body, spirit, and soul. We firmly believe that the impact of cosmetic adornment is most profoundly expressed when the body and soul are in balance. Indeed, beauty and harmony share a deep connection.

Hence, we provide a range of body treatments, including massages, which are available as a full-body or back massage.

Origins of Massage

Massages are among the oldest healing practices known to humanity. They made their way to Europe via Greece, where the renowned physician Hippocrates used them. In ancient Rome, they were a part of the treatment plan for gladiators, among others. After this period, the therapeutic use of massage faded until it was resurrected by Paracelsus and Ambroise Paré for post-surgical recovery therapy.

Effectiveness of massages

  • Activation of circulation

  • Relaxation of muscles

  • Reduction of pain

  • Corporal relaxation

  • Reduction of stress

  • Relaxation of skin and connective tissue

  • Influencing of vegetative nervous system

  • Impact on internal organs

  • Reduction of blood pressure and heart rate

Modern Massage

Contemporary massage methods including stroking, applying pressure, bending, chopping (or hacking), and kneading were initially formulated in Sweden. It was only during the late 19th century that massage was recognized as a therapeutic treatment in Germany.

Because of its exceptional efficacy for both physical and mental rest and rejuvenation, massage has secured a prominent position among wellness therapies.

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Prices - Massages

Full body, back or Hot Stone Massage
  • Full body massage, 60 min. 69,00 €
  • Back massage, 20 min. 39,00 €
  • Hot Stone Massage, 30 min. 79,00 €
  • Hot Stone Massage, 50 min. 59,00 €

Hot Stone Massage

The technique of hot stone massage beautifully blends the old and the new. Throughout history, the rejuvenating and restorative effects of heated stones have been valued. The origins of hot stone massage are believed to be rooted in the therapeutic practices of Shamans.


In contemporary hot stone therapy, basalt stones are typically heated to approximately 60 degrees Celsius in a water bath.

Before the hot stone therapy begins, the body is gently coated with aromatic herbal oil. The heated basalt stones are then positioned on the back or, if appropriate, on the massage table, allowing their retained heat to seep deep into the connective tissues. The ensuing massage is performed using both the basalt stones and hands. The masseuse follows the meridians – the energy pathways that link the organs as per traditional Chinese medicine.

The effect

The combination of heat application and massage promotes circulation in the deeper layers of the skin, connective tissues, and muscles, helping to alleviate deep-seated tension. Simultaneously, a hot stone massage offers a sensory experience that imparts a profound sense of balance and wellness. Relish the tranquillity and relaxation associated with this calming therapy while enjoying soothing music. Allow yourself a brief respite that is sure to rejuvenate you.

„Massages make happy“

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