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Nail modeling & nailart

Natural nail strengthening and nail modeling

Nowadays, having ten beautiful fingernails and toenails plays a crucial role in maintaining a polished look. As numerous women struggle with brittle fingernails, a trend for nail fortification and design has surfaced.

This is a substitute for artificially elongated nails which can appear unnatural and necessitate harsh chemicals for their application. A potent aroma of acetone in nail salons often signifies their practices and materials used. At Venus & Apoll, we adopt a unique method ensuring a sophisticated natural appearance without causing harm to your nails.

Quality first

At Venus & Apoll, we place high importance on the caliber of materials utilized; they must fulfill our extremely rigorous criteria. Consequently, in the realm of nails, we solely rely on LCN Wilde-Cosmetics products in our salon..

Our experience attests that LCN provides the most effective light-curing resins. LCN nail products specialize in delivering a natural appearance, adding an extra advantage. Given that the company’s products are derived from materials employed in dental medicine, they offer excellent compatibility.

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Naturally strong

Fortified fingernails can endure daily wear and tear, whether it’s from work, household chores, or environmental factors. Fortified nails are indistinguishable from natural ones in terms of shape and color. Essentially, there are two methods for nail fortification:

Nail strengthening with gel

A gel is applied to fortify the nail before it is shaped according to your preference. Subsequently, you may opt for a French manicure with white tips, for instance.

Long, even fingernails

Ladies with naturally short nails don’t have to miss out on long, natural-looking nails. Professional Nail overlays can make this possible. Your nails are strengthened while imperfections, like grooves or nail damage, are smoothed out. Unlike plastic nails, the results of our nail fortification techniques are indistinguishable from natural nails.

Prices - Nails

Natural nail strengthening and nail modeling
  • Natural fingernail reinforcement 59,00 €
  • Natural nail reinforcement French 65,00 €
  • Extension surcharge 20,00 €

Nail Design

Besides nail enhancement, our nail studio also offers a wide range of nail varnishes and, naturally, shellac for all types of events.

From elegant to extravagant

Should you want uniquely adorned toe or fingernails for a nuptial event, or something striking for a nightclub or beach outing, Venus & Apoll is the perfect place for you.

With over a quarter-century of expertise in all nail-related aspects, Venus & Apoll is a trusted choice. Ensure the best outcome by entrusting your special occasion nail design to our seasoned professionals.

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